Cross-regional Initiatives

Global Programs

In addition to our work in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, the Coalition responds to emerging strategic opportunities that crosscut our regional programs and need broader support to advance our mission. To ensure that the Coalition best leverages regional synergies into an effective global campaign, the RRI Secretariat in Washington, DC leads the implementation of the strategic themes and support programs below.

Thematic Programs

Tenure Analysis

RRI monitors global progress towards increasing the area of forest under local ownership and management. We have developed systems and methodologies to collect, analyze and maintain quantitative and qualitative data on the global dynamics of forest tenure. This set of analyses allows the Coalition to more strategically target efforts and inform global advocacy.

Alternative Tenure and Enterprise Models (ATEMs)

Recognizing that tenure reform alone is not sufficient to bring about change, the ATEMs program focuses specifically on RRI’s poverty alleviation goal. We generate understanding of the role small-scale, community forest enterprises play in local, national and regional economies. At the same time, we promote improved regulations and policies to foster their growth.

Rights and Climate

Global initiatives on forests and climate change will play a major role in determining how forests are used, managed and owned. Perfunctory attention to tenure and rights will not be sufficient to achieve global climate goals, especially with the growing attention to forest carbon and associated rights. This thematic program aims to ensure that global climate initiatives support the rights and tenure of the forest communities who maintain and depend on the world’s forests for their livelihoods.

Realizing Rights

Lessons from successful strategies to secure local tenure rights can help inform actions and initiatives around the world. Once legal rights are in place, new challenges arise in ensuring local communities and Indigenous Peoples can access and use them. To foster critical learning, this program gathers and promotes best practices to improve the implementation and outcomes of a rights-based approach to tenure reform.

Networking Support Program

The Networking Support Program catalyzes the networking of strategic actors to advance tenure and policy reforms at different political levels and with new constituencies. Networks are an effective tool to enhance mutual learning, helping coordinate groups' positions in national, regional and international dialogues and are proving to be influential in reforming rights and tenure.

Coordinating and Communicating Global Programs

The success of RRI’s work depends on agility and precision in identifying the appropriate set of Partners, Collaborators, and strategic actors whose engagement in these thematic programs fosters positive change.  Through effective coordination and communication, RRI balances the needs of a diverse global coalition, strategic engagement in relevant global and country-level processes, and the right mix of actors and actions.